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Silicon-Coated Acupuncture Needle with Plastic Handle

Single-use needles represent excellent value for money. 35 different sizes to choose from.

from 3,03 €

19pc cupping set

Cupping set with
19 glass jars incl. hand pump and extension cord. Quality product from South Korea.

37,80 €

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Silicone Coated Acupuncture Needles

High quality disposable needle with corrugated handle for a secure handling. The needle is centered within the handle.


from 2,87 € net

Silicone coated Acupuncture Needle with Copper Wired Handle

Single-use needles represent excellent value for money. Silicon coating means pain-free insertion of acupuncture needle. 27 different sizes to choose from.

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Natural Latex Exercise Band - 45,5 m

from 50,00 € net

Natural Latex Exercise Band - 45,5 m

Therapy and exercise band made of natural rubber. Box containing 45,5 m. Width 12,7 cm. 5 different color-coded resistance levels.

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ASP Stahl Ohrdauernadel 80er

from 21,99 € net

ASP® Perma Steel Ear Needles

ASP Classic. Nickle-free ear press needles. 80 needles with applicators including 120 skin-tone patches.

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cupping jar

from 3,53 € net

Cupping Jar with Suction Ball

Unbreakable acrylic cupping jar with suction ball. Removable suction ball. 5 cupping jar sizes.

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199,00 € net

TDP Lamp

Longwave infrared mineral lamp - or TDP lamp - with large irradiation head. 2 years' guarantee. TDP lamps are sent free of charge.

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Acupuncture Point Locator

from 3,71 € net

Acupuncture Point Locator

Acupuncture point locator combines two ball points. Ideal for ear and body point detection.

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Earseads on patch

from 3,14 € net

Ear Seeds on Patch

Vaccariae Segetalis (wang bu liu xing) on anti-allergenic patches. Seed ÿ appr. 1.5 mm. Good adhesiveness of skin-tone patch.

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19,90 € net

Gua Sha Set

5pc set made from premium quality water buffalo horn. Set includes 3 gua sha oblongs, 1 gua sha fish and 1 gua sha horn. Ergonomically rounded edges. Hand finished.

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