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Product Code ND47

Plastic Cupping Jar with Suction Ball

from 3,99 € net

Unbreakable cupping jars with suction ball. Suction balls are removable. 6 sizes. New and improved version of article NN47. Advantages: sturdier plastic and transparent. Enhanced texture at neck Product Details ...


Made in Germany

Product Code TV44

Hand-Blown Glass Cupping Jars with Suction Ball

from 5,50 € net

Cupping jars of special low weight to make for easier handling. SCHOTT AR Glas® jar wall of 1 mm thickness. 5 different sizes. Cupping jars are well suited for massage purposes. High suction power balls. Product Details ...


Made in Germany

Product Code PK9

10-Pack Hand-Blown Glass Cupping Jars, Size M, with Suction Ball

64,00 € net

10 cupping jars of special low weight for easy handling. Ø4.5 cm SCHOTT Ar glass® with 1 mm thick wall. The cupping jars are suited for massage. High suction-power balls. Product Details ...

1 unit = 10 Schröpfgläser
VAT is not included.
from 1 unit 64,00 €



Product Code HT5

Bacillol®30Tissues - Disinfection wipes (x80)

from 8,95 € netbox of 80 wipes

Rapid disinfection wipes for sensitive surfaces in a convenient flowpack. Perfectly suited for cups made of polycarbonate or silicone and also for suction balls made of rubber Product Details ...

1 unit = 80 pieces
VAT is not included.
from 1 unit 9,91 €
from 5 units 8,95 €

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