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Product Code KR222-400

Indirect Moxa from Japan, Purity Grade: 3 Stars (Onkyu Nami)

Coarser type of indirect moxa. Contains some mugwort stalks. The result is a longer burning period and higher temperature. 100% Artemisia Princeps Pampan. CE certified.

Star rating In ascending grades of purity. This translates to:
- more exquisite fragrance
- lower burning temperature
- shorter burning period
- speed in which optimal temperature is achieved
- softer feel

Origin Kobayashi-Rouho Prefecture Shiga, Japan. The family-run company has been producing premium quality moxa products since 1780. Click for more information about the manufacturer here...

1 unit = 400 g
VAT is not included.
from 1 unit 19.92 €


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