Gua Sha and Cupping Massage Oil

11,50 net

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1 unit: 11,50 €

  = 1 Bottle
Product Code FX7

NonDolens® Massage Oil suitable for Gua Sha treatment and Cupping Therapies. High quality ingredients based on common TCM formulation. Delicate fragance.



Almond Oil and Olive Oil Massage Cream

from 18,99 net

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: 21,10 €
from 6 units: 18,99 €

  = 1 Bottle
Product Code FX6

Doc Save The cream is enriched with natural ingredients such as virgin olive oil and pure almond oil, which was obtained by cold pressing.



Arnica Montana Massage Cream

from 17,55 net

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: 19,50 €
from 6 units: 17,55 €

  = 1 Massage Cream
Product Code FX2

Doc Save Inflammation relieving, superb quality massage cream with extracts of arnica montana, horse chestnut, calendula and aloe vera.



Extra Cold Cream

from 30,96 net

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: 34,40 €
from 6 units: 30,96 €

  = 1 Massage Cream
Product Code FX5

Doc Save Vasoconstrictor cream with intensive cooling effect. Cream contains aloe vera, mint, menthol and alcohol. Highly concentrated. Excellent value for money. Apply cream to skin and rub in gently.



Aloe Vera Cream Designed for Massage

from 14,13 net

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: 15,70 €
from 6 units: 14,13 €

  = 1 Massage Cream
Product Code FX1

Doc Save Cream especially designed for massage. Made from very high quality oil and aloe vera.
This cream is highly concentrated: very little is required to cover large areas of the body.



Almond Oil

from 13,14 net

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: 14,60 €
from 6 units: 13,14 €

  = 1 Bottle
Product Code FX3

Doc Save Pure, first-press almond oil. Superbly suited for massage treatments and also for long massages. High vitamin E content induces skin rejuvenation. Antioxidative properties and moisturizing.



Massage Oil

from 11,97 net

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: 13,30 €
from 6 units: 11,97 €

  = 1 Bottle
Product Code FX4

Doc Save Premium-quality massage oil that treats and rejuvenates the s.



Dosage Dispenser

0,95 net

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: 0,95 €

  = 1 Dosage Dispenser
Product Code FX9

Doc Save Dosage dispenser for 1 litre bottles. Facilitates easy extraction of oil or cream from the bottle.



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