Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m

from 4,75 net

per roll (5 m)

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1 unit: 0,00 €

  = 1 Roll of Tape
Product Code ND100

NonDolens® Highly elastic kinesiology tape. .


Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 35m

from 25,60 net

per roll (35 m)

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: 0,00 €

  = 1 Roll of Tape
Product Code ND130

NonDolens® Jumbo roll with savings of over 20% over the 5m roll.
Highly elastic kinesiology tape with outstanding adhesive power, kindness to skin, breathability and water resistance.


Smokeless Moxa Sticks (Hollow Centre)

4,10 net

box of 30 pcs

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: 4,10 €

  = 30 Smokeless Sticks
Product Code ND37

Made in China Thin moxa rods with hollow centre. L12 cm, Ø 6 mm. Pre-burned and then compacted to the moxa coal.


Sliced ​​Moxa Cigars

5,50 net

box of 10 pcs

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: 5,50 €

  = 10 Moxa Cigar
Product Code XP46

Made in China Sliced ​​moxa cigars, each cigar has a total length of 21cm. Each slice is 2.6cm in length and has a diameter of 2cm. 100% Artemisia Argyi.


Acrylic Cupping Jar with Suction Ball

from 3,53 net

Prices exc. VAT
from 5 units: 0,00 €

  = 1 Cupping Jar
Product Code NN47

Doc Save Unbreakable cupping jar with suction ball. Removable suction ball. 5 cupping jar sizes. Information refers to diameter of jar opening.


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