Couch Roll 2 ply, 60 cm

£31.15 net

per 6 rolls

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: £31.15

  = 6 rolls
Product Code ND210-60

Medotex® Couch Roll 2 ply. White, waterproof, absorbent. High quality with 40g/m2. The Medotex® Couch Roll is waterproof and therefore particularly hygienic.


Premium Quality Scissors for Tape

£11.93 net

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: £11.93

  = 1 Scissors
Product Code ND115

NonDolens® Premium quality scissors from Solingen. Specially toothed blade on one side provides stable, controlled cutting. Prevents sideways slippage.


Quick Drying Adhesive Spray

£10.40 net

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: £10.40

  = 1 Adhesive Spray
Product Code XP51

Mueller® Adhesive spray to enhance adhesive power of cross tapes. Spray on skin before applying. Quick drying and colourless.


Tape & Tuffner Removal Spray

£12.90 net

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: £12.90

  = 1 Removal Spray
Product Code XP52

Mueller® Gently and thoroughly removes tape and tape residue from skin as well as other surfaces. Oil formulated to pamper the skin, which may become irritated after taping. Orange scented.


Leukotape Classic 3.75 cm x 10 m, White (12 Rolls)

£75.65 net

per 12 rolls (10 m x 3.75 cm)

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: £75.65

  = 12 Roll
Product Code BS104-12

BSN medical Non-elastic Adhesion with high tensile strength for functional taping. Stays reliably on skin or underlay material.


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