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Product Code DB27

Intradermal Embedding Needles with Loop Handles Type DB131

from £3.34 netbox of 50 pcs

Uncoated-steel intradermal needles with loop handles. Sizes: 0.12mm x 3mm, 0.12mm x 5mm and 0.14mm x 7mm. EO gas sterilized. Manufacturer is CE and ISO certified. Product Details ......



Product Code DB14

Silicone Coated Hand Needles with Steel Spring Handles

from £3.80 netbox of 100 pcs

Single use hand needles with steel spring handles. The needle has a silicone coating which provides a near pain free insertion. Suitable for the hand needle Product Details ...

1 unit = 100 needles
VAT is not included.
from 5 unit £4.00
from 20 units £3.80



Product Code DB19X

Silicone Coated Acupuncture Needles with Korean-Type Steel Handles (Ten Acupuncture Needles with a Guide Tube)

from £24.74 netbox of 1.000 pcs

Single use Korean-type acupuncture needles. Well established quality from Dongbang. Each blister chamber holds ten acupuncture needles with one Product Details ......

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