Sports Tape 3.8cm x 10m - Type CLASSIC

from £8.81 net

per 6 rolls (10 m x 3.75 cm)

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1 unit: £0.00

  = 6 Rolls
Product Code ND108

NonDolens® 100% cotton Sports Tape. Zinc oxide adhesive with high adhesive power. Non-Elastic. Horizontal zigzag pattern for easy separation. Suitable for competitive sports.


Steel Beads on beige-coloured Patches

£8.01 net

box of 300 pcs

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: £8.01

  = 300 Steel Beads
Product Code MA84

Magrain (Japan) Steel beads (Ø 1.2 mm) on anti-allergenic, beige-coloured patches (Ø 7 .


Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m

from £4.23 net

per roll (5 m)

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: £0.00

  = 1 Roll of Tape
Product Code ND100

NonDolens® Highly elastic kinesiology tape. .


Silicone Coated Acupuncture Needles with Corrugated Plastic Handles (Without Guide Tubes)

from £2.58 net

box of 100 pcs

Prices exc. VAT
from 10 units: £0.00

  = 100 Acupuncture Needles
Product Code ND9

NonDolens® High quality disposable needle with corrugated handle for a secure handling. The needle is centered within the handle.


Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 35m

from £22.78 net

per roll (35 m)

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: £0.00

  = 1 Roll of Tape
Product Code ND130

NonDolens® Jumbo roll with savings of over 20% over the 5m roll.
Highly elastic kinesiology tape with outstanding adhesive power, kindness to skin, breathability and water resistance.


Sliced ​​Moxa Cigars

£4.90 net

box of 10 pcs

Prices exc. VAT
1 unit: £4.90

  = 10 Moxa Cigar
Product Code XP46

Made in China Sliced ​​moxa cigars, each cigar has a total length of 21cm. Each slice is 2.6cm in length and has a diameter of 2cm. 100% Artemisia Argyi.


Acrylic Cupping Jar with Suction Ball

from £3.14 net

Prices exc. VAT
from 5 units: £0.00

  = 1 Cupping Jar
Product Code NN47

Doc Save Unbreakable cupping jar with suction ball. Removable suction ball. 5 cupping jar sizes. Information refers to diameter of jar opening.


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