Moxa pipes

The construction of the Japanese moxa pipe is meticulously thought out. It is practical and safe to use, ensures a constant treatment temperature and is also suitable for self-treatment of the back.

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Moxa sticks

Moxa in stick form: We compare a standard Chinese moxa stick with the Kobayashi-Rouho moxa stick to show their differences.

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Moxa box

nnovative: The Japanese manufacturer Kobayashi-Rouho has developed a moxa box with a built-in smoke filter. Active charcoal minimizes smoke, so that the therapist does not have to forgo the use of the moxa herb with its energetic benefits.

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Direct moxibustion (Okyu)

Direct moxibustion is referred to as the Okyu technique in Japanese. A very small piece of moxa - somewhat the size of a grain of rice, is placed directly on the skin and lit. Simply put, it is also called the rice grain technique.

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Needle moxibustion (Kyutoushin)

Needle moxibustion combines acupuncture with a warm stimulus. With this method, the needle guides the heat to a precise point deep in the skin tissue layers. This in Japanese is referred to as Kyutoushin.

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Stick-on moxas

Stick-on moxas are a variation of indirect moxibustion. Prepared sections of moxas, wrapped in a paper base, are especially easy to use.

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Cone moxas without underlay (Chinetsukyu)

Called in Japanese Chinetsukyu, this kind of moxibustion uses small cones placed directly on the body. It does not require the use of underlays like ginger, salt, garlic or such.

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Cone moxas with underlay

A small insulating layer is placed between the cone moxa and the skin. Demonstrated here is indirect cone moxibustion using a slice of ginger.

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See how the silver Teishin needle for activating the Qi is used.

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Applying the copper Zanshin needle to get rid of skin surface tension.

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